Got published on Elephant Journal!


Well, kinda.
I mean I am a subscriber and read EJ all the time, so when they sent out an email asking for seasonal recipes I jumped all over sharing the Sweet Honey Cornrbread love.

Let’s get it straight from the git-go, though… I did not labor in the kitchen to pen this recipe, I did not measure out quantity or spice per parcel… except for my 5 years of experimenting with what flours are best in the recipe ( soy, not my family’s fav…whole wheat- much better than the all-purpose that ends up leaving you with essentially honey corncakes ), but it is a tried and true tenant in my recipe box and gets accolades every Thanksgiving when I get to contribute to the meal at the in-laws.
BUT anyway, I was thrilled they picked it, and totally psyched when I realized that it went out in the email blast newsletter which highlights only four stories. WOHOO. So, I *did* get published in EJ- the notifying email states as such. So I’m going with it.

here’s to the start of a beautiful (hopefully now reciprocal) relationship with Elephant Journal. And to your sweet treats on Thanksgiving!


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