8 limbs y’all….


I am in the midst of Anusara yoga Immersions, and they are truly blowing my mind with all the wisdom they are revealing for better living, loving, breathing.

Yoga means to unify the mind and body, align with the divine within all of us. There are 8 limbs, all of which are continually revisited and not ordered steps; The ‘first’ of these steps are the Yama’s or ethical precepts or moral guidelines: Ahimsa ( non-harming), Asteya (non-stealing), Satya (truth),Brahmacharya (moderation or celibacy, not necc sexually) and Aparigraha (non-coveting). Aparigraha most often relates to material goods, however it can also relate to possessiveness or attachment of unneccessary emotions, things, etc… Like Jealousy!

The second of the limbs are the Niyamas, the personal lows or rules that we try to ascribe to for higher consciousness, and ultimately- Bliss.

1. saucha, purity or cleanliness. 2. santosha- Contentment! ( This is one also applies, and is HUGE for me)… It’s all good in the neighborhood… it is what it is and it’s all divine. There more, and I of course could go on ( you should HEAR some the tantra wisdom I am learning in my yoga immersions… whoa. SO vast and huge amounts of mind expanding, heart opening and universal love creating wisdom… ( and no, it doesnt apply to the popularly asssociated intimate applications that so many westerners automatically apply the word Tantra to).

Long story short, I am using your small comment of being jealous about the exersaucer to show how even small little asides can create ripples in our attitude and how we see our relationship to things, people… And illuminating you ( hopefully) with how yoga works in many many ways to create happier, more intrinsically beautiful and self loving people. Cuz as super Drag Queen superstar RuPaul says, ‘If you cant love Yourself, how in the hell are ya gonna love Somebody else?? ‘ Can I get a Namaste’ up in here??

This one’s super tough for me… self love is SO hard.

I’m listening to Otis Redding, and his song “(Call me) Mr Pitiful” just came on… see??? Otis needed yoga too!


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