And so it begins.



I decide that all the recommendations to journal have found hefty real estate in my mind.  I’ve discovered much in the last 5 years, and that path of discovery certainly ramped up to A.P. standards in the last 3 years; pregnancy, birth, motherhood, rinse and now launching a repeat cycle.  The times have of course been whirlwind– no mystery there; but the amount of growth and resolve that has been borne of these wondrous times is exhilarating.  I write now for many reasons, two of which I will explain now…. the others that will certainly become clear in due time.

I write to continue this path in a healthy, contemplative way, continuing to reflect upon all that happens within our little family and in my life.  In these past few years I have come to a level of maturity in my yoga practice, my friendships, my marriage and overall, in my life.  And I wish to impart what I have learned and experienced both to hopefully shed some community light to other momma’s as well as to look back on how far I have come and all the magickal times I’ve been privy to with our 2 year old son, and my husband.  I can’t believe he’s already two, or that we have another on the way.

I get teary thinking about that now…  How even the memory of my son wiggling in my belly seems so distant.  The lessons of parenthood come swift and plentiful, and if you listen and heed, you find that your yoga practice is always with you and strengthening day by day, even if you don’t balance upside down or sit in padmasana.

I look so forward to this journey of reflection and sharing the love.

Om Shanti, Momma.  Peace Peace Peace.


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